Southland Ballroom - Feb 27th, 2015 | Raleigh, NC


Friday, February 27, 2015
Raleigh , NC
North Carolina US


After Awhile Crocodile*
Rocky Peace Blues->
Bopple Depot
Knot Suite Pt.2
All You Here->
The Word**
House of Cards->
Man You Rawk***
Miguel's Dream->^
Hey You(1)^^
Slow Down

There's Always Tomorrow

*Intro featuring the sample from the movie " Network" (1976)
** LTP 7/30/14
*** Kinetic Bump tease
^ Miguel finds love in a woman named Maria. They are deeply in love and one of their terms of endearment is the phrase "hey, you..." said in a sweet loving tone. As the story progressed, their relationship begins to sour when Miguel starts spending more time on the road herding llamas. It becomes apparent to Maria that all he cares about are his llamas and resentment grows.The once sweet and now angry "hey, you..." is now an angry, spiteful "HEY YOU!!!" After more banter and weirdness the band goes into the Pink Floyd song

^^ First time played
(1) Pink Floyd