House of Cards

Song Author: 
The Mantras

Group One

Everytime Played

Played 88 times.

Date Venue City/State
08/04/16 Cosmic Charlie's Lexington , KY
07/22/16 Inside and Out Music Series @ The Black Flower Raleigh, NC
05/14/16 The Pourhouse Charleston , SC
05/06/16 Barrel House Savannah, GA
04/29/16 Terra Fermata Stuart, FL
03/25/16 The Fillmore Charlotte, NC
02/27/16 The Broadberry Richmond, VA
01/08/16 Boone Saloon Boone, NC
12/26/15 Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC
11/25/15 Lincoln Theater Raleigh, NC
11/06/15 The Mousetrap Indianapolis, IN
10/31/15 The Rabbit Hole Charlotte, NC
10/23/15 Main Stage Morgantown, WV
10/18/15 Tyrone's Farm Pomfret, CT
09/25/15 Mantrabash Ferguson, NC
09/06/15 Dunedin Brewery Dunedin, FL
07/29/15 The Whiskey Wilmington, NC
06/05/15 Lamasco Bar Evansville, IN
05/21/15 Rooster Walk 7 Axton, VA
04/04/15 New Mountain Theater Asheville, NC
02/27/15 Southland Ballroom Raleigh, NC
02/06/15 The Southern Charlottesville, VA
01/31/15 Boone Saloon Boone, NC
01/24/15 The Whiskey Wilmington, NC
11/07/14 Cafe 611 Frederick, MD
10/24/14 Montage Rochester, NY
10/16/14 The Barrel House Savannah, GA
10/10/14 8x10 Baltimore, MD
09/10/14 The Chameleon Club Lancaster, PA
07/29/14 The Granby Theater Norfolk, VA
07/17/14 Scarlet & Grey Cafe Columbus, OH
06/21/14 Mad Tea Party Jam 3 Hedgesville, WV
06/14/14 The Broadberry Richmond, VA
06/06/14 The Abbey Pub Chicago, IL
05/17/14 Roux Charlotte, NC
04/16/14 Cosmic Charlie's Lexington, KY
04/11/14 Clementine Cafe Harrisonburg, VA
03/17/14 The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC
02/28/14 Capone's Johnson City, TN
02/20/14 New Brookland Tavern West Columbia, SC
02/14/14 The 8x10 Baltimore, MD
01/31/14 1904 Music Hall Jacksonville, FL
12/14/13 Martin's Downtown Roanoke, VA
12/06/13 Ziggy's By The Sea Wilmington, NC
11/21/13 River Street Jazz Cafe Wilkes Barre, PA
11/16/13 Olde Towne Tavern Covington, KY
11/13/13 The 8x10 Baltimore, MD
11/09/13 Pearl St Northampton, MA
10/31/13 The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC
10/18/13 Asheville Music Hall Asheville, NC
10/06/13 Live From Aura Studios Live Oak, FL
09/26/13 Olde Towne Tavern Covington, KY
09/20/13 The Mousetrap Indianapolis, IN
08/30/13 Mantrabash IV Ferguson, NC
08/10/13 Pickering Creek Inn Phoenixville, PA
08/07/13 Jammin' Java Vienna, VA
07/26/13 Peasant's Pub Greenville, NC
07/13/13 The Loft Lansing, MI
07/05/13 The Big What Prospect Hill, NC
06/09/13 Lamasco Evansville, IN
06/06/13 Thunderbird Cafe Pittsburgh, PA
04/26/13 Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC
04/19/13 Murphy's Boone, NC
04/12/13 The Whiskey Wilmington, NC
03/28/13 Sycamore Deli Blacksburg, VA
03/14/13 The Galaxy Lounge Johnson City, TN
03/02/13 The Funky Buddha Boca Raton, FL
02/23/13 Fat Tuesday's Fairfax, VA
02/20/13 Thirsty Moose Portsmouth, NH
02/16/13 The 8x10 Baltimore, MD
02/06/13 The Charleston Pour House Charleston, SC
01/26/13 The National Richmond, VA
12/31/12 The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC
12/20/12 The Charleston Pour House Charleston, SC
12/13/12 Hoss's Deli Newport News, VA
09/27/12 Sun Music Hall Floyd, VA
03/24/12 The Whiskey Wilmington, NC
03/11/12 Aura Music Festival Saint Cloud, FL
02/18/12 The Middle East Cambridge, MA
01/25/12 Gerstle's Place Louisville, KY
01/21/12 Mickey Finn's Toledo, OH
12/31/11 The Pour House Raleigh, NC
12/09/11 The Visulite Theatre Charlotte, NC
11/19/11 The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC
10/29/11 Costume Ball at The Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC
09/24/11 The Norva Norfolk, VA
07/23/11 The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC
07/22/11 Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte, NC